Grief Counseling Serving Texas, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Are you suffering from the loss of a loved one? Grief can arrive suddenly. Or it can be a longer process of saying goodbye. All the same, you may be experiencing a wide range of intense emotions, shock, worry and anxiety.

Grief counseling is designed to help you work through feelings, thoughts or memories of a loved one in a safe environment and eventually arrive at a place of healthy adjustment in your life.

You may have feelings that are overwhelming with high levels of anxiety and worry. Grief can feel isolating because very few people really understand you. It can feel messy…really messy with disbelief, sadness, numbness, anger all happening for you. I offer individual grief therapy and grief group support in a safe place to help you during this time.


Are You Experiencing:

  • Overwhelm with an array of strong emotions like sadness and emptiness, guilt, anger and disbelief
  • Lonely and disconnected
  • Functioning poorly which can include lack of focus, energy, appetite and disturbed sleep.
  • Old childhood trauma feelings like it is pulling something from the past
  • Mixed emotions as a result of conflicted relationships with the deceased
  • What’s the point of going on after the loss?
  • Fear and uncertainty in a world without your loved one leading to feel withdrawn, apathetic or numb
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How I can Help:

  • A safe environment in which you can grieve and mourn the loss
  • Comfort and validation for what you may be experiencing or working through
  • Specific tools to help you cope with the pain
  • Exploring guilt or regret and meaning for the loss and finding ways to grow and heal
  • Commemoration of your loved one
  • Feeling less overwhelmed by the grief by getting through the trauma of your loss
  • Satisfying life again with less stress, worry and fear while remembering and honoring the loss of your loved one.

Losses can also come in the form of divorce, miscarriage, career change or illness. All can have a profound effect on your life. In grief counseling, you are offered tools to process and then transform these losses in ways that provide peace and calm. You may notice that after some time that you can move past the overwhelm and shock and still maintain a positive connection to your loved one and good memories. Call me at 512-333-4820 for a free 15-minute consultation.