Does it feel like your childhood has a hold on your life? Do you wonder if your present challenges as an adult are rooted in hard experiences you had as a child?

Childhood trauma can show up in different ways: Sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, as a result of this trauma, we cut off from what makes us happy and fulfilled in order to survive. To protect ourselves, we shut down our own needs or our own voice. Or we disconnect from our feelings and body because it was too painful to connect and feel. Or we stopped trusting our instincts and knowing. All those things you did to adapt in hard times. But the cost is stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness later in life.

It is important in early development to have these capacities: Connection to self and others, getting our needs met, being our own person, having meaningful relationships (depth) and living with presence and an open heart. If we were not afforded these resources when growing up, it can lead to anxiety, stress, addiction and depression later in life.

I have advanced training and extensive experience as a trauma focused therapist and board approved therapist supervisor. And I can offer you a safe and supportive environment to work through what is getting in the way of reclaiming what was lost in your childhood. I believe there is mind-body connection when it comes to trauma. So we'll identify old beliefs and coping behavior that you want to replace as well as finding ways to work with trauma as it shows up in your body and nervous system. It's a top/down and bottom/up approach. And through the process of therapy, you can build a healthier sense of yourself and move towards calm, aliveness, confidence, motivation and deeper connection.

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There is much more to you than the hurt and pain you experienced. Much more. But unfortunately it can feel like a lot of who you believe you are. In truth, our childhood wounds are only a part of us. The really hard thing about trauma is that the memory of what happened to us as children is impaired and partial. When we have endured abuse, the part of the brain that encodes memory turns down or turns off. So we don't have an explicit memory of those early years. And we make up stories or beliefs about ourselves to try to make sense.

The trauma lives in us without really knowing why or how. It just is. So as adults we feel like what is happening now is our present experience. But really it is pulling from the past. We are feeling now the same emotions and body sensations we felt when we lived through really hard times in our youth. We don't know that the past is living in us. It is really hard to see. It is like an emotional flashback.

In therapy, you can separate your adult self from the part of you that is stuck in old patterns and negative self-beliefs. It can stop the past traumas from having a hold on your fulfillment and enjoyment in your present day life! The past can be chapter in your book and not an ongoing struggle and hard experience.

When you are sad or angry today, it can be a traumatic trigger. As if it is reminding you of your raging father. Or reminding you of feeling all alone. But all of this is happening outside of your awareness. Perhaps you don't see the connection between the overwhelm or collapse and the past. What would be like to untangle your childhood trauma from your internal experience today? How liberating would that be? You could just have your emotions like joy, happiness, grief or anger and bodily sensations and be calm, present, open hearted, life affirming and clear at the same time. You could trust your instincts, have your voice and get your needs met without feeling threatened or overwhelmed. The past would no longer have its hold on you!

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Are You Experiencing:

  • Anxiety that really doesn't quite down
  • Worrying and looping in thoughts and scenarios
  • Feeling stuck and hard to get going in your work and in life
  • Difficulty connecting with your feelings and your body
  • Out of control behavior and addiction
  • Being really hard on yourself
  • Challenges maintaining meaningful relationships
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  • Deeper connection to yourself and more depth and meaning in your relationships
  • Less worry and anxiety and spinning in your thoughts
  • Being your own person and having your authentic voice
  • More motivation, confidence, energy and aliveness
  • Presence and feeling of open heartedness
  • Personal freedom from old beliefs and patterns (the mosaic to the right was made by a previous client)
  • Seeing yourself and the world in a new way

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