Childhood Trauma Therapy in Austin and all of Texas

Does it feel like your childhood has a hold on your life? Do you wonder if your present challenges are rooted in hard experiences you had as a child?

Childhood trauma can show up in different ways: Sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect. Unfortunately, as a result of this trauma, we cut off from what can make us happy and fulfilled in order survive: Connection to self and others, getting our needs met, being our own person, having meaningful relationships (more depth) and living with presence and an open heart.

I am a trauma focused therapist and board approved LMFT supervisor. And I can offer you a safe and supportive environment to work through what is getting in the way of reclaiming what was lost in your childhood. I believe there is mind-body connection when it comes to trauma. So we'll identify old beliefs and coping behavior that you want to replace as well as finding ways to work with trauma as it shows up i n your body and nervous system. It's a top/down and bottom/up approach. And through the process of therapy, you can build a healthier sense of yourself and move towards calm, aliveness, confidence, motivation and deeper connection.

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Are You Experiencing:

  • Anxiety that really doesn't quite down
  • Worrying and looping in thoughts and scenarios
  • Feeling stuck and hard to get going in your work and with yourself
  • Difficulty connecting with your feelings and your body
  • Out of control behavior and addiction
  • Being really hard on yourself
  • Challenges maintaining meaningful relationships


  • Deeper connection to yourself and more depth and meaning in your relationships
  • Less worry and anxiety and spinning in your thoughts
  • Being your own person and having your authentic voice
  • More motivation, confidence, energy and aliveness
  • Presence and feeling of open heartedness
  • Freedom from old beliefs and patterns
  • Seeing yourself and the world in a new way

Call me today for a free 15-minute consultation at 512-333-4820.